February 18, 2019
Robust and reliable GPS-free localization algorithm for aerial robots applied to industrial applications
February 18, 2019
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The main objective of ROS-MDD is to develop ROS2 code generation and round-trip engineering features to be integrated with the RobMoSys model-driven approach (MDD), and particularly by using the Papyrus4Robotics toolchain. Besides RobMoSys, this FTP will also seek to establish a path of collaboration between the HRIM project, an information model that facilitates interoperability among different vendors of robot hardware components based in ROS 2 and the RobMoSys project. ROS-MDD will support the notion of datasheets to express provided quality, required resources, offered configurability, variation points, and the like. This will reinforce the compositional/modular vision supported by RobMoSys and HRIM.