ROS industrial indoor positioning system

August 13, 2018
IMC drives
August 13, 2018

Indoor positioning is the basic need of technologies required for Industry 4.0. Some examples of these technologies are autonomy of unmanned mobile robots, personnel and asset tracking, personnel navigation and location-based services. With the realization of technologies, applications like autonomous mobile robots, monitoring efficiency (OEE, KPI, reliability) of equipments, dynamic routing for mobile robots, real time stock tracking, location-based emergency detection can be developed in order to increase the productivity.

The objective is to develop an open source generic algorithms and ROS package for any absolute indoor positioning system which produces TDOA data. The ROS package, algorithms and related documentation will be published for system developers and users immediately after FTP with Apache License 2.0. This ROS package will be compatible with other ROS stacks and packages like robot_localization, move_base, navigation etc. In addition this ROS package will contain a ROS node developed for the calculation of KPI parameters. Software quality assurance will be considered. Maintenance for the package will be supported by Inovasyon Muhendislik Ltd.

Ongoing Studies:

1D positioning algorithm was studied. The developed algorithm, locates tags that moves on a straight line. Although the system is a 1D localization system, the lines can be in 3D environment. Using Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) measurements and making tags as passive receivers, the limit on the number of tags is removed. In this method, there is no need for time synchronization between anchors and tags. Only two anchors are enough in order to locate all tags which are able to receive the transmissions of anchors.

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